More Valentine Hearts

With my last share of valentine hearts, I promised to share a knit version for those those who prefer to knit rather than crochet. Some time has passed and I did not fulfill that promise.  That is because I found knitting a heart to be a bit difficult.

I only recently learned how to knit (about two years ago or so). I still sometimes struggle with knitting, but I like the challenge and feel good when I learn new stitches.


This first heart really tested me. I actually tried it a couple times, making a few mistakes along the way. I’d learned the stitch kfb (knit front back), but I had never seen/heard of the other stitches before. You can find the pattern here.


This second heart I found a little easier to make since it was only the garter (knit) stitch. The only part that was a little odd for me at first was having to make the first bump, and then break the yarn to make the second and then knit both pieces together. But I love learning new things, so it was fun. :) You can find the pattern here.

If you have any knit patterns you enjoy and think I may, please share!


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